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Why Tamil girl decides to keep working after marriage

Today women are independent and have a right to make a decision of her life before and after marriage. In the majority, women tend to continue their career after the marriage. If you visit any Tamil Matrimony site and check the bride’s profiles, then you will get most of the profiles of the bride who want to continue their job after the marriage. But changes in women life have continuously come and they have the ability to adapt.  After marriage, there is a huge shift in a women life and it tends to have more responsibility. Here we share some merits of working women:

Self Respect

When you left work after marriage, you feel like you are bound in walls of your house and you feel like that you are losing your control over yourself.  To maintain self-respect in your own eyes, family and society, it is highly recommendable to work even after the marriage.

Financial Freedom

If you are working women, then you know the benefits of finance and their freedom. Today women don’t want to depend on anyone even the spouse. It is good to do work even after the marriage because you have a source of income to help her husband in household items and you can spend your own life on your own terms and conditions.


You learn many things when you work because work experience learned to how to deal with the second person and how to handle the various situations and the best thing they learned is how to maintain the balance between the career and your married life. That’s women mention in their marriage biodata, they will continue their job after the marriage.

Family support

if both husband and wife are working, then the financial conditions are better and you will provide a better future to your kids and you are unable to enough time for their kids. So family elder cares about their son kids.


Working women are independent because they know the value of life and money. In the future, if they face a kind of problem in their married life, they will solve it as soon as possible.

Final thoughts: Work after marriage is good for all women because it is the best financial support to your husband. Sometimes you feel like a sandwich between your home and work. Don’t worry that will be managed.

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