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horoscope compatibility in Tamil

Today, Indian marriages are widely based on horoscope matching. Before start matchmaking elders of the family examine the horoscope from the reliable astrologer, so that they find the perfect match for their daughter or son. It is considered as the most important thing before having any serious commitment. Horoscope Matching is the marriage ritual in TamilMatrimony.

Let’s have a look at reasons why horoscope compatibility in Tamil is crucial for marriage

Marriage Compatibility

In Hinduism, marriage is assumed to be very scared. They believe that marriage not only combines the two bodies, it unifies the two souls and also address them to walk together for long life.  The horoscope matching helps in identifying the positions of stars of individuals.

Relationship Quotient

It is the concept of Guna Milan. Kundali Milan by date-of-birth, place-of-birth, star sign, the name could give you the accurate result. In Hindu astrology, there are eight Guans which need to be matched. Every Guan is associated with a different number of points. These points are the total number in 36. Minimum 18 points must be obtained. In case the number obtained then the relationship compatibility is assumed to be better.

Family adjustment

In India, Marriage is a bond of two families and siblings. Mostly Indian families are deeply connected with each other. Kundali Milan addresses the idea of family relations with others.

Mental and physical compatibility

Horoscope matching analysis mental & physical compatibility of bride and groom.  It provides the idea of physical relation, family adjustments, etc.

Financial Symmetry

Horoscope matching provides the idea of the financial status of the bride and groom because financial stability is very important in married life.

Final words: Marriage is a sacred bond that unites two people and has to remain alive with virtue and integrity until the end. So, hope you get the importance of horoscope matching for marriage.

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